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Disable or Enable USB port access

If you are using your computer publicly then it is necessary to keep secure of your computer USB port. Because people may use pendrive or USB drive where the chances of virus and other malware infection. To protect your computer from this infection you can easily disable to access USB port.

See also: On the other hand if you are using any institute or office's computer where USB port access is disabled, but it is necessary to take an important file from your USB device to computer.

For these purpose you have to know how to disable or enable access of USB port. To disable the access of USB port follow the steps.

  • Open the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> Type regedit and click Enter)
  • In the registry, navigate to the following key:
  • In the right-side box, double-click on 'Start'.
  • In the 'Value data' field enter 4 and click on 'OK'.
  • Close the Registry Editor and reboot.
NOTE: To enable access of USB devices, follow the same procedure as above except in the step-4 enter 3 in the 'Value data' field.

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